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November 2014

It is astonishing where the time has gone! All the new photos are in the Latest Photos gallery. Hope you enjoy.

August 2013

It seems that one year has passed since my last entry, so there are lots of new photos. Some date from the Olympic period in 2012, some from the start of the 2013 cricket season.

I always like photographing new subjects, partly because of the challenge, and partly just because it’s different.

My experience of photographing horses, and in particular fast moving ones is certainly an area where I have had little exposure, So it was with some excitement that I approached a racing event. I am quite pleased with the results. Some were shot with a high shutter speed to freeze the action, and some were shot with a slower shutter speed which allied to panning, was able impart some sense of speed and movement.

At long last the sun has arrived, and so I’ve also given my IR converted camera a run out. IR is a very specialised form of photography, and one from which I have yet to produce some consistent results, let alone master.


Done lots of photography these past couple of months. A wedding, birds of prey, Marcus Brigstock & latterly Ellie Williams.

Before that, and I was witness to the Red Arrows flypast to mark the end of the Olympics, so there are a couple of photos from that too.

Of course the domestic cricket season drew to a close. Surrey did supremely well to stay in the first division. 2012 will not be remembered with any great fondness by anyone associated with the club. But I am sure that just like the Phoenix, they will rise again. Over the past few years I’ve taken many photos of Mark Ramprakash. His retirement in the summer marks the end of a phenomenal career, some of which I’m proud to say I witnessed first hand. The last game that I saw this year was the Tom Maynard tribute match between Surrey & Glamorgan, which was also the last time that Rory Hamilton-Brown and Matt Spreigal put on a Surrey shirt; and I wish them both well for the future along with Chris Jordan & Tom Lancefield who also left the club.

I consider myself fortunate to have seen Tom Maynard play, there are even some photos on this website. Something good has come out the awful tragedy though, through the Tom Maynard trust. You will find a link to it on the Links page. If you do nothing else after visiting this website, please try and donate something, anything, to it. It is already helping young cricketers to develop their skills abroad over the English winter.


Back from a break in the Scottish Highlands, and I have lots more photos to add to the website.

Perhaps the strangest are in a new gallery entitled infrared. I’m still experimenting with this technique, having had an old DSLR converted to shoot infrared. The results are to me are a mixed bag, but it really hasn’t been the weather for infrared at all. Additionally all the files produced require significant post processing, either to swap the red and blue channels, or to convert to black and white.

I had a return trip to Rothiemurcus to photograph Ospreys. The location got some very bad reviews last year, and I ventured there with a little trepidation. However, they seem to have learned from their mistakes and are really working to create a nice environment both for the birds to visit, and for photographers to be comfortable (as far as you can in an open fronted camouflaged shed in the middle of a field, next to a pond).

The two mornings I had there produced over thirty, yes thirty useable images; astonishing. Certainly my experience of shooting them two years ago was invaluable, and the technique of zooming in on the bird once it has dived into the water, and then focussing and shooting was much easier. If you would like to have some idea of the what the photographer is up against I have uploaded some video footage here. Have a go at timing the bird from the first time you see it, until it leaves the frame. That is how long you have to locate, frame, focus, fire and track.

Until next month, enjoy.

May - June

Taken a while to get more photos on the site.

There are photos from the fabulous cricket ground at Holcott, overlooking Pitsford reservoir, a memorial to Lynn Wilson in the corner, and a picture postcard pavilion. I doubt there can be any more picturesque grounds in the whole of England.

More photos from around the Olympic park, and also more for Kettering Arts Centre.

I have eventually got around to putting some more photos from some Surrey games from last year and this. Naturally, everyone associated with the club has been affected by the news of the death of Tom Maynard. I have searched my library of pictures and managed to find a few from the past couple of seasons. He was a very very talented cricketer; sadly we will only be able to imagine what he might have achieved, but I am lucky to be able to say I was able to glimpse a little of that unfulfilled promise first hand. RIP TM#55


I’m so sorry that I’ve missed a few months. The last time I wrote we were in the depths of winter, and spring was on the distant horizon. Now the clocks have changed and nights are getting lighter by the day. You will see from the new photographs that I’ve been quite busy.

First off was a Harley Davidson event that “Black Drive” were playing at - hence the american themed photos of them. Later that month Jack Dee visited Kettering Arts Centre. I was so very lucky to be able to take photos in an official capacity. I had been hoping to get them up sooner. Thank you for your patience.

Finally Kettering Arts Centre hosted the third Potbelly Folk Festival, and the second to be held in the spring. You might be surprised to see some colour photos among the usual black & white - well I have to say that when I was converting them, some of the colour ones looked better, I hope you agree.

There are a couple of landscapes from a visit to Dorset earlier this year where I got use my ND10 filter - allowing exposure times of several minutes.

As the cricket season begins this week I’ve put a photograph of the Oval that I took a few years ago as the “Photo of the month”. It was taken at sunset during a Pro40 match with Warwickshire. Surrey didn’t win, but this photo made up for it (at least in my mind).

Finally I’ve added a 2012 gallery; mainly focusing on London and the Olympic Games, but I also plan to include other photos from this year, and associated cultural Olympiad events.


      January; dark, cold, with some incredible sunrises and sunsets. I never seemed to be in just the right place. I did manage to get a few photographs around Tower Bridge and the Thames towpath shortly after sunrise one day. One picture in particular, a photo of the sun reflecting from the windows of a building almost makes you screw your eyes up against the glare!

       I covered a gig in a local pub by “Black Drive”. The pub was small and I was right on top of the performers (and loud loudspeakers), so much so that my 35mm f2 Nikkor looks like I used a telephoto lens.


      This time last year I didn’t have a website, now it has had nearly 1300 hits (not all of them me). If you’re reading this you’ve helped contribute to the total, so thank you.

      Kettering Arts Centre hosted Carols & Comedians again this year, and photos from that event are now on the website.

      I have also now included a “Photo Of The Month”, which to be honest is a just a touch of pure self-indulgence, but it allows me to look through my photos and pick one to showcase.

      2012 is going to be an exciting year, the London Olympics, Surrey hopefully challenging for the County Championship, and a host of other things to take photographs of. Meanwhile may I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.



      I took a lot of pictures of Jo Caulfield at Kettering Arts Centre. At the time she said she’d cut down on the language because the venue is a working church, but I have to say that the humour didn’t suffer as a result. A great evening.

       I have also be contacted by journalist, Samuel Lewis, who is doing an article on plagiarism in photography. I used a photograph by Nobuyuki Taguchi as inspiration for a composition of the Natural History Museum. Another photographer also took essentially the same photograph (apparently independantly), and won a competition with it. I corresponded with Taguchi, and he was happy that I credited his work. It will be interesting to see what the article brings.



      By the end of September Surrey had won promotion to the first division of the county championship. Well done to everyone at the Oval!

      I’ve also been wrestling with Colour Management. I’ve long profiled my computer screen, but now I am generating custom profiles to use with my printer paper and ink. It really is remarkable how easy it is and how good the results are; I really wish I’d taken the plunge before.

        Took photos of a local band “Black Drive” during a pub gig, which appeared on the site last month. Also covered a Jeremy Hardy gig at Kettering Arts Centre. He really was very funny; not sure how his rather cutting left wing humour went down, but I rather enjoyed it!


      At the beginning of the month I took the opportunity to revisit the design of this website. I have got rid of the low quality galleries. Hopefully the download times for the high quality versions is not excessive. It certainly makes updateing the site with photographs much more straightforward, and maybe makes navigation of it easier too.

      As I write this Surrey have just won a county championship match against Northants, and are now in the chase for promotion to the first division. Two big games to come against Glamorgan & Derbyshire!

August 2011

      The family holiday took me to the Dorset-Devon border, but a period of impaired mobility meant that my photographic options were somewhat limited. I did have an attempt at some astrophotography though. The nights were very dark, and so a boosted ISO and a tripod provided my first experience. Only one picture was worth putting on the site, so at the moment it resides in “Miscellaneous”.

      Last month I wrote about a project for my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary. I took photographs of a number of presents (one for each year, starting with “paper” and finishing with “silver”).The presents were wrapped, and the pictures put in a photo-book. A couple of the photos appear here now, again under miscellaneous.

July 2011

     I was given a 35mm Nikkor for my birthday, and I’ve been looking for opportunity to use it for some street photography. I’ve tended to use a telephoto for street photography, just to avoid any confrontation; but I’m told that some of the intimacy and feel is lost that way: We shall see.

     I’ve also been working on a project for my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary, which needed a light tent and some steep learning of flash lighting; some pics may make it to the website, but not until after August.

      At Kettering arts centre I was taking photos of the up and coming comdeian James Acaster, just before he embarks on a series of shows at the Edinburgh fringe. Good luck to James, with many thanks for a splendid show. “Splendid”? I’m beginning to sound like Churchy, the Surrey Cricket commentator.

      I am discovering that I repeat myself and here I go again. As I said on the home page, I’ve now included a “latest photographs” gallery; which does what it says on the tin. It’s quite a large gallery at present, simply because I’ve uploaded a lot of photos recently.

      Finally I’m thinking about simplifying the site and getting rid of the low quality galleries (called Galleries), keeping only the  galleries; which would of course be renamed. Please let me know if you appreciate the speed of download of the smaller, lower quality pictures; otherwise I am likely to remove them at the next major revision of the website.   

June 2011

     June saw the Moto Expo at Canary Wharf. A fabulous display of E-Type Jaguars just outside my office gave me my first subjects. Other car photos followed, and I’ve included some on the website now.

May 2011

     Not sure exactly where May went. Not much opportunity for taking photos really, for all sorts of reasons. Still, I have added some shots, mainly from Canary Wharf and the river.

      Mind you the displays of flowers in the garden presented an opportunity to break out the macro lens, and so I’ve added a few shots to Plants & Flowers too.

      The start of June sees the annual MotoExpo at Canary Wharf, so hopefully there will be a few photo opportunities there.

        A few months back I had some of my pictures appraised by the editor of Amateur Photographer magazine. I have already taken some of his comments on board, and plan to revisit some older photos and try to make them better through croping and dodging and burning.

April 2011

     Blogs are new to me, I’ve generally wondered quite what the point is. So this is a bit of an experiment. I’d like it to be more than a “look what I’ve been doing”, and rather be a way of sharing some of the challenges I’ve had, and how maybe I got over them.

     If you’ve explored this web site, you may have noticed a large number of pictures from Kettering Arts Centre. The arts centre has been running since March 2010. The very first event was a book signing with the childrens’ author Dame Jacqueline Wilson. While the most recent was a evening with the comedian Milton Jones. I have been lucky enough to cover many of the events there.

     From the very beginning the technical challenges have been immense. I might cover some of those challenges in future blogs. But back in March of this year Kettering Arts Centre hosted the first “Potbelly Folk Festival”. Most of my pictures up to that point had been fairly standard portraits. In covering a number of artists over a couple of days I wanted to capture the feel of the event, not just make a record of who played there.

     Shooting into the evening, after dusk was much easier from a compositional perspective, because the stage lighting enabled me to adjust the exposure to darken the background, but shooting in daylight was much more challenging, because I couldn’t get rid of the cluttered background.  So, for some shots I positioned myself to one side of the stage and shot through other performers, giving a view of what it is like to be on stage with other musicians. Deliberately composing tightly, to remove as many distractions as possible. For a number of shots I slowed down the shutter speed, so that movement appeared in the shot, hands playing drums for example. I was even able to create a frame within the frame of an artist  who was playing a harp. Whether my strategy worked or not you can judge for yourself, but I was quite pleased with the results.